Analyzing The Absurd Human Behavior

I believe that there is no doubt that most of us want to be human and help humanity live better. However, this desire is not enough to transform our personalities and change the world.

We believe that first of all we must guarantee our survival, protect our interests, defend our ego, and realize our ambitions. We don’t understand that if we care only about our own lives and our material reality and we do nothing to save the poor, we are wasting our time.

We are alive in order to become more sensitive to other people’s pain and help those who are suffering more than us.

Everyone has problems and everyone is suffering in a way or another, but the poor have more than too many unbearable problems. We have to stop being selfish and we have to care about their destiny.

The fact that so many people simply disregard their existence and care only about the part of the population that has money is more than absurd and ridiculous.

How can miserable people survive and have a decent life?

Do they deserve to die because they are poor?

We are simply killing the poor, without giving them any chance to abandon their misery. This is a disgusting crime, but we are indifferent to what is happening in the world. We care only about us and our family.

However, we believe that we are good besides being so selfish because (we believe that) we don’t do anything against anyone.

Don’t you think that we have the behavior of disgusting demons?

Don’t you think that our attempts to eliminate the problems generated by terror, violence, and immorality without eliminating poverty reflect huge absurdity?

How can we ignore the main reason for the existence of terrorism?

Even those who are not living in misery are suffering. Most people don’t make enough money and cannot buy everything they need.

If someone doesn’t have money this person is constantly looking for money in order to survive and buy what he or she wants. Everything he does is done with the intention to make money.

This is how most people are living in the world. Everything they do is always done with the intention to make money.

Therefore, we are conditioned to believe that money is more important than anything else, whereas we are indifferent to the fact that most people live in poverty and terror and cannot survive in the cruel world.

Our attitude is more than absurd, but we believe that we can do nothing to save the poor.


When we want to achieve a certain goal in order to please our ego we can go to the moon. We can build a skyscraper. We can create an artificial oasis in the desert.

However, when we have to help the poor, we don’t have any time left. We cannot give them even a cent. We have too many expenses. We work too many hours. We are too tired.

Only our children deserve all our attention and all the money we have.

What do you think about our mindset?

Do you believe that money is more important than anything else now that you know that there is a demon in your brain?

Do you believe that you deserve a pleasant life?

In order to find sound mental health we have to put an end to poverty and hypocrisy. Otherwise, nobody will care about the importance of dignity, and without moral sense, we will keep being disgusting betrayers and cruel monsters who merely pretend to be human.

Nobody will find peace. Nobody will evolve.

We will never understand the importance of goodness. We will never find authentic happiness and we will never get rid of unbearable mental disorders.

If we want to become mentally healthy human beings, poverty must stop being part of our reality. Everyone must have basic conditions of life without being forced to accept the injustice of the world.

The Body and the Mind

Working as a psychologist in pain management, on several occasions I have been asked whether I think a person’s pain is ‘in their mind’. When we think about it, this is an odd question. The possibility that pain could be ‘in the mind’ implies that it may be imaginary, deliberate or a sign of mental weakness. None of these scenarios are either helpful or realistic. However, they can easily stem from the way we have learned to think about the functioning of the human body.

For the past 400 years we have been massively influenced by a theory introduced by Descartes which stated that the body and mind were separate entities. It is fascinating to reflect that we still work to this theory, both in medical and everyday settings, despite it not fitting with our everyday experience or with current scientific understanding.

When we pay attention, it is quite easy to notice how the body can affect the mind and vice versa. Just think of the last movie you watched. Depending on what happened, you likely experienced feelings of excitement, tension or tenderness not only in your mind but also reflected by the body. You may have noticed physical tension during excitement or suspense, feelings of arousal during love scenes and feelings of heaviness or a lump in the throat in response to sad scenes. In fact, though it can be easier to spot at some times than others, the body is constantly reflecting the state of our mind, and the mind is constantly reflecting the state of our body.

When we practice the body scan, which is a core mindfulness practice, we allow ourselves the opportunity to simply tune in to the body and make contact with what we notice there. For some of us this may be a new experience, as we have been used to focusing so much on thinking and planning that we have paid little attention to signals from the body. As we continue to practice, this renewed connection with our body becomes a rich resource. We may spot signs of tension in the body and be empowered to take the action required to look after our needs. We may become more aware of a valuable ‘gut feeling’ about certain situations that helps us to make good decisions. We can also more readily draw our attention back into the body at times of difficulty in a way that helps us to ground and steady ourselves.

Importantly, because we are working with direct experience, rather than our learned expectations of how things should work, we will learn that far from being two separate entities, the body and mind are two aspects of the same thing – our human experience. This understanding opens up the possibility that we can benefit from treating our physical symptoms holistically, not because they are ‘in the mind’ but simply because they are located within our whole experience. The mind and body are not separate.

How To Prevent Bad Outcomes

You believe you are intelligent, but the truth is that you make many foolish mistakes. Your dreams try to help you understand your mistakes and become more intelligent.

Even if you are an excellent student and you are very intelligent in your work, you surely make many mistakes in your personal life.

You are proud of yourself even if you are not intelligent and even if you are completely ignorant. You believe that you know many things and you are able to understand your reality, regardless of how rudimentary your thoughts could be.

You don’t want to verify that you act like a mentally retarded in many ways, but this is indispensable for the preservation of your mental health. You have to stop making foolish mistakes that have many bad consequences, and learn how to always do what is positive for you and will help you evolve.

Since you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, which is constantly trying to destroy your conscience, you must stop following the misleading thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience with the intention to destroy your capacity to think logically, and learn how to develop your conscience.

The big irony that marks your life is exactly the fact that your evil self is your worst enemy. You must offer resistance to the absurd and evil thoughts of your evil self.

Your anti-conscience is a part of yourself. It is not someone else, but the truth is that it is someone else, since it is a demon. It is not a human being. Your anti-conscience is your wild conscience; your primitive self. So, you must offer resistance to your own thoughts, even thought they are not really yours.

This is a complicated matter.

You have many lessons and explanations in your dreams in order to understand how your anti-conscience is influencing your thoughts and your behavior because you don’t understand its interventions. When you are controlled by your anti-conscience you do things that are bad for you, without understanding this fact.

The fact that you have a satanic anti-conscience means that you are constantly induced to be evil, even though you cannot detect this imposition in your thoughts from the beginning.

Whenever you are evil you make many foolish mistakes, and then you face their tragic consequences. So, your anti-conscience can easily destroy your conscience through craziness and despair.

You make foolish mistakes in numerous situations, for numerous reasons. Your anti-conscience always is the background, generating dangerous problems, but you cannot see that it is responsible for your suffering.

Your anti-conscience is an invisible enemy that pretends to be ‘you’ whereas it is a primitive part of yourself that has no human feelings and has no intention to help you in any way. It wants to mislead you, and replace your ego.

Your satanic anti-conscience wants to live in terror. It doesn’t want to be tamed by your conscience and become a human being. So, it misleads your conscience with the intention to destroy it, while it pretends that it is helping you.

You must fight the demon in order to preserve your conscience. This is why God sends you important messages in your dreams, showing you its tricks.

The fact that you receive intelligent and helpful messages in your dreams when you translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation means that God is alive.

God works as a private psychotherapist for you. He is always trying to help you save your conscience with the information He sends you in your dreams.

The fact that today you know that a demon is constantly attacking your conscience means that you can finally understand how serious you must be in order to become really human.

All the mistakes you make in life are imposed by your anti-conscience.

The demon pretends to be you, but it is your worst enemy. You must learn how to recognize its characteristics and how to transform your wild conscience into a positive component of your human conscience thanks to God’s guidance in your dreams.

Otherwise, you will fall into one of your anti-conscience’s traps.

God created a beautiful but dangerous planet for you in order to show you your mistakes and your mental health problems into practice, giving you many examples.

You must realize that God created a planet where many animals kill other animals because He had to reflect your absurdity and evilness in your environment. The wild nature is the nature of your satanic anti-conscience.

You have to learn how to become more intelligent and avoid all traps before making tragic mistakes imposed by your satanic anti-conscience, which will make you and many other people suffer.

In order to avoid making mistakes you must be very careful. If you are indifferent and you are distracted by something else, you cannot prevent bad outcomes.